Is There an Overlap in Casino and Sports Gambling?

Is There an Overlap in Casino and Sports Gambling?

There are many different ways to gamble. You can choose your local lottery, casino, bingo hall, or office pool. For those savvy gamblers there are online gambling options which allow for maximum comfort as well as superior bonuses. But how do betting on these games of chance translate into cross-betting, ie., gambling on an entirely different type of outlet, such as sports?

 Sports Gambling

Sports gambling has been around almost as long as sports itself. Not long after the first game was played, there were likely two or more spectators wagering with each other on which player or team would win. It’s in our nature.

Online sportsbooks make it easy for today’s sports gambler to wager on any and every sport imaginable. Whether it is football, tennis, hockey or even billiards and darts, there is an opportunity to risk real money on it. But do casino gamblers also bet on sports?

 Gambling Statistics

According to Nielson, roughly half of all sports fans world wide are interested in gambling on sports. The number is slightly lower than half in North America and slightly above half in Europe. It all balances out to about half. And of these sports gamblers, about 25% of them are interested in casino gambling.

The figure works the same when you turn it around. About 25% of casino gamblers are interested in betting on sports. If you have ever been to a large casino, like in Las Vegas for instance, you will see that the sportsbook is usually carved out in one small corner of the main casino floor. This tells you all you need to know about % in regards to handle and take.